The making of new category icons and outlines

After sending out our app to the first batch of beta users, we have received exciting feedback. They LOVED the app. A big hearty THANK YOU!

If you haven’t, you should signup for our beta and we’ll send you an invite to our new version that is coming out very soon!

While we were making the first version available to you very quickly, we cut a few corners here and there. For example, we have realized that, while you might find the app really simple and easy to use, the free form of taking picture has resulted in less optimum user experience. Because eventually, the quality of the final outfit recommendation heavily correlates with your picture quality.

For example, compare the following looks that we found from the same item. Because in the first picture, the item is more centered and on a clearer background, the app can match it better. 


While in the second picture, the app got confused which area of the picture it should use to find outfits.


So for the next version, we are redesigning our camera interface, by adding some guidelines to help you taking better pictures.


Like in the above picture, we are adding a guiding outline to help you place your item related to the camera. Hope you find it useful.

Currently, our design lead, Kai, is working day and night to create these outlines. Here are some sketches that Kai has drawn.



How do you think? Catching any bug in the sketches? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

—Henry (CEO)

Hi there. This is our new design in the works with a minimalist style tab bar. How do you like it?