Airport looks


The semester is almost over and the summer holiday is about to start. Many of you are going home to spend time with your family, or going on a party trip with your friends or an adventurous vacation. How will you get there? Of course by plane! Do you want to look stylish while siting on the airport and waiting for hours? Of course you do! We gathered for you the best looks of our favorite fashion bloggers and have for you few tips what to wear.


The most important thing is to wear something comfortable! Plane rides can be very long and it won’t help if you wear something uncomfortable. Some of you who are traveling overseas might spend over 20 hours on the plane. Unless you are traveling in the first class, make sure to feel comfortable in your cloths. Some suggestions are leggings, sweaters or sweatshirts, jeans and t-shirts. As for the shoes, you want to wear some comfortable sneakers, flats or slip-ons that are easy to take off for the security check. Also, remember you might be walking a long distance to the gate.


Security checks are taking so long and you already want to be checking the duty free shops. If you are jewelry lover, try to wear minimum of it since it takes long time to remove it. Also, you should dress in layers. The air conditioning on planes is usually very cold and you don’t want to be freezing. I always wear a scarf with me that sometimes serve as a blanket. It keeps me warm when I need and it is a perfect accessory. If you don’t like wearing make up while traveling on the plane as me, wear a stylish hat that will cover your face. As for the bags, I would recommend to wear a shoulder bag that are comfortable to wear or a tote where you can put a lot of stuff. For the long plane rides, you should pack a sleeping mask. It helps to fall asleep and it looks stylish too.




You can try to create a stylish airport look as I did the app. Let me know how your airport outfit look like and where are you planning to fly next!!



Summer trends 2


We have more summer trends for you!  Don’t miss out this summer and be trendy wearing trench coat kimonos or culottes!



Kimonos are definitely in, but have you ever heard of the Kimono Trench Coat? This coat, unlike many other heavy coats built for winter weather, is nice and light and is perfect for a slight breeze in the summer. It’s casual but classy at the same time! Having a windy day? The kimono coat is perfect! It covers your arms to keep you warm and flows with the breeze!

The second look is a bit alternative with the mix and matching of the colors. I love how she used the coat to make the look more casual and wearable. The third outfit has her decked out from head to toe all in white while the kimono adds a difference in length to the outfit! Hey, I just noticed that they have almost the same shoes on!!!


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Tight jeans can be a bit uncomfortable when it is 80 degrees outside. So how about culottes? These are flowy pants that kind of look like a skirt and is an easy way to stay cool! The first outfit is nice for a causal work lunch. The culottes give an “office girl” look to this outfit (but I don’t think an off-shoulder top is very “office girl”). The second outfit is matchy-matchy with the white crop top and culottes. I love how she added a pop of color with the blue sunglasses! Give your outfit a cowgirl feel by wearing these brown suede culottes shown in the third outfit! It was really cool how the last outfit played with the patterns and had a patterned blue crop top and white culottes. By adding heels and sunnies, this definitely topped off the look!

36784c2acb2aec796aa5194d0a0ca8ebMade in StyleIt app

So now since you know a few summer trends for this year, I want to hear some of your favorites! What is your favorite summer trend? Comment below or create an outfit and put #summertrend on one of your outfits on the StyleIt App, and happy styling!




How.Is.It.Monday.Again. It seems like the week drags on, while the weekend zooms by. I know I can’t be the only one thinking that, right?! Monday’s may be the least favorite day of the week to a lot of people – or Mondaze as I like to call it since I’m just dazing off all day, ha. After a fun filled weekend you are probably too drained to even put effort into an outfit for Monday. But, try going for that lazy chic look. That way you’ll look flawless and still be so comfortable. Also, a tip is to wear something you love on Monday because it’ll make your day that much better. For example, do you have a favorite bag or hat? Wear that on Monday! It gives you a little more motivation to rock your Monday.


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For this first look harem sweatpants are your best friend. Thank you fashion universe for bringing these back in style. Since your bottoms are going to be more loose on you and won’t give your body too much shape, try to go for a more fitting top to even it out. Here I added a nice halter top to give the outfit a nice balance between the loose fitting sweats. Pair this with some slip ons (because who wants to tie shoelaces), sunnies (I like to wear sunnies if I was too lazy to put makeup on, ha!), and your favorite bag.



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This next look is super easy and usually my go-to. T-shirt dresses have really been popping up everywhere. They aren’t very form-fitting, but are easy to just throw on in a rush for your Monday. You can style a t-shirt dress up or down, but usually on a Monday you’re going to keep it simple. Pair it with comfy booties and a crossbody bag and you’re good to go! Don’t forget about that messy bun, everyone loves a good messy bun.




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Rompers give you a whole outfit in one. It’s an all in one package! So easy, I love it. For this look a nice bright romper will do the outfit justice. Add some strappy sandals and let your hair down from that bun, maybe you’ll get some pretty nice beachy waves! Of course don’t forget about your favorite crossbody bag. In my opinion, this outfit from all three looks seems the most put together with the least amount of effort.


Mother Knows Best


Mother’s Day is this weekend, fashionistas! Mothers play a variety of roles in our lives: from being our caretakers, our chauffeurs, our cooks, and even our therapists. (when we let them) They’ve made so many sacrifices for us we could never even imagine, just to give us an opportunity for a better life. Mothers are also the first people who expose us to a sense of style, and I find personally, my mother made a huge impact on my fashion sense.



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 My mother believes in always looking your best, no matter what the occasion. She only allows herself to leave the house in clean, well put-together outfits. Her business career has always required her to wear suits, dresses, blouses, and blazers, and that translates into her daily life. Think this is your style? Don’t forget to check the #preppy hashtag on StyleIt to see what other outfits fashionistas with similar fashion taste have created!

Royal Inspiration

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 6.06.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 6.06.08 PM

My mom’s biggest style inspiration comes from Duchess Kate Middleton of the British Royal Family. Her style is simplistic chic. Her classic looks are timeless, and my mom is very much the same way: she doesn’t like fashion fads. She likes wearing clothes that last for decades, and I love that about her style. Kate Middleton is easily my favorite fashion icon as well.



Do you like my mom’s style? Do you wonder where she buys all her amazing clothes? Her favorite stores to shop at are Banana Republic, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Burberry, Tory Burch, Steve Madden, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. Shop these brands on the StyleIt App and click the brands to follow them on Instagram for fashion inspiration!


banana-republic-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-021 Source:

 Though I was never a huge fan of my mom’s critique of every outfit I wore before leaving the house every morning, I now have her to thank for knowing how to dress well for job interviews, for formal events, and how to present myself well in general. Although I’m not a fan of judging a book by its cover, I do know that appearances are really important in society today in terms of making a good first impression. Fashion is also a great way to gain a confidence boost, because when you look great, you feel great, and that’s the beauty of fashion! It’s a way to express yourself through your own individualized style. Be happy, be yourself, and your inner beauty will shine through. Thank you for that amazing lesson, Mom. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!




Summer is coming, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter! These stylish trends are perfect for this year’s warm weather!



We are bringing the trend back from the Romans. Look like a trendy goddess while wearing these cool gladiator sandals. They come in varieties of heights with many different designs, so when you buy them make sure to choose your favorite!

The first outfit is a simple romper, but by adding the gold gladiators it gives the outfit a nice, finishing touch. The second outfit is for more formal events, with Selena wearing an all white dress. Her stylish gladiators go great with her outfit! For the third outfit, the gladiators give this outfit more of an edgy feel. I also love the denim and denim combo! I absolutely love how for the fourth outfit it is casual but also a bit fancy at the same. An A-line dress and some high heeled gladiators? Perfection.


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Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 6.35.32 PM

A jean jacket is an essential everyone needs for their closet! There are so many possibilities of how you can style these awesome jackets: edgy, classy, girly… It’s endless! Just by adding the jean jacket to your outfit, it can make your outfit go from plain and simple, to cool and trendy!

The first outfit is my absolute favorite and has a cool, washed out denim jacket along with a plaid shirt and leggings. Even the smallest detail of the stripe on her pants add a lot to the outfit! The second outfit exemplifies how the jean jacket is very versatile and can be used for many different styles! I love how the jean jacket is used to make the outfit more “girly.” As for the third outfit, I think I is perfect for walking downtown with a bunch of friends. I love how she added the jean jacket to this outfit!

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Who doesn’t like to travel? The perfect getaway destination can be described endlessly. Whether it may be on a sandy beach, or a exploring the deep-rooted history of a timeless city, traveling is a way for people to free their minds and immerse themselves in new cultures and societies. For all those travelers out there, we have a few inspirational outfits to sport while on your dream vacation. Brought to you be our StyleItApp, we’ve created a few looks, consisting of essential travel items to pack in your suitcase. No matter where you go in the world, fashion is a universal language! And we’re here to show you the perfect looks for any vacation.

A pop of color goes a long way, especially abroad. Incorporating spring colors or even bright stand out colors is the perfect way to complete your look. Sport a trendy red heel, or a pink pants, whatever it may be, a splash of color is the perfect contrast to any look.

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Make sure you have your favorite pair of sunglasses handy! This simple accessory is necessary for any traveler!
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Don’t forget comfortable shoe wear! Sneaks, running shoes and even converse work great to achieve a casual chic look.


A maxi dress or maxi skirt is all the rave right now! Don’t forget to pack your favorite maxi!


Last thing we recommend is the perfect leather jacket! This versatile jacket can be used during the daytime, and can even add the perfect touch to you night out look.




They say that everything comes back in style… What better example of this then the 90’s fashion right now?! The 90’s fashion has come back in full force. The denim, the dark lip colors, chokers, and so much more are the hot “new” trend these days. How many of you wish that your parents kept their closet from the 90’s so you could have their hand-me-downs?! *hand raise* I do! I always tell my mom how I wish she kept her clothes from when she was my age because I would be rocking them so much right now. I am a total advocate for the 90’s trend and I know it’ll phase out sometime in the future, but for right now I’m stocking up on my denim and flannels. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends from the 90’s that reappeared in our closets! How many of these items do you already have?



I.Need.A.Choker.Necklace. I wasn’t a big fan when I first saw it come back, but now seeing so many celebrities and fashion gurus wearing them, I need one. There are also so many different types of them, so if the OG tattoo choker isn’t for you, try out a velvet or beaded choker! There are so many out in the market these days.



Hah, yet another item on my wish list. I would have never thought these puppies would come back in style, but here they are! And here’s me wanting them… They are easy wearable shoes for the spring/summer time and keeps you staying 90’s chic.



Doc Martens are great boots for everyday casual wear. These boots are edgy and also a part of the grunge look, which is coming back with hand in hand with 90’s style. If you don’t feel like wearing your colorful jelly sandals today, try some Doc Martens for an edgy casual look.



I LOVE SCRUNCHIES! I have so many in my drawer already. It’s a cute way to put your hair up with some a little poof of the scrunchie. I think it makes you a little more girly without being so typical of a headband or flowers in your hair. I feel like scrunchies are more comfortable to wear for me since they are wider and don’t apply the pressure in such a small area like hair ties, but that’s just my opinion.



Yes. Flannels. This is a great way to layer an outfit – especially for the spring time when it’s warm out, but not extremely hot. They’re versatile in which you can wear a dress, jeans, t-shirt, long sleeves, or anything underneath. That’s what I love about flannels.



Crop tops are HUGE right now! I’m sure you all own at least one in your closet. It’s a great way to show off a little skin without showing off your whole stomach. You can wear high-waisted shorts or skirts with crop tops, creating a nice 90’s outfit. It’s a great balance in showing the right amount of skin.



Denim jackets are a great item to throw on over any item in your closet. It definitely is a staple item every girl must have since it does work for any season (with layering it in colder weather of course). Denim jackets provides your outfit with a nice, casual look for any season.



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Yes it’s finally that time of the year again! Whether you’re graduating high school, college, or just attending a graduation, I’m here with some tips on what to wear! Graduation is a time of celebration and happiness. You’ve completed a part of your life and earned this day to be with the ones you love while looking fabulous! Not to mention, graduation is full of long periods of sitting and then lots of photos. So what should you wear under your graduation gown?

Try going for a cute light flowy dress, but remember it’s graduation so keep it a little conservative because you will be around family! This applies to if you are attending a graduation or if you’re on stage. Also keep in mind the length of your dress, it looks a little better if your dress is shorter than your graduation gown.

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This second tip is a definite must! Remember to wear comfortable shoes! This day is full of waiting around, taking pictures, and waiting for your name to be called when on stage. You want to be comfy and able to walk when your big moment comes to walk across that stage. Flats and sandals are totally acceptable! You don’t need to be in heels for graduation. But if you do want to opt for heels, try a pair of wedges.

8e8b8a021e30905499ac1253877873f5 (click to see in StyleIt app)


A statement necklace makes your outfit have that extra pop. Since graduation is more of a formal event, a statement necklace can really give you that chic touch to a simple dress. Or even try playing with some arm candy! Give that gown a little more bling-bling.


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Keep your makeup look natural, it’s not a night out with the girls. You’re going to be out with family and friends so make sure you keep it light and glowy. Especially if your graduation is outdoors you’re not going to want a full, heavy face of makeup that will make you feel like you’re melting!


If your graduation is outside, don’t forget a pair of sunnies! This helps protect your eyes from the sun and also helps keep you looking super trendy.


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Great job ladies with all your hard work! Keep it up and we’re sure that great things are coming your way :) CONGRATS!


essentials   Source:

What does it mean to be a “trendy” woman? First, it requires being up to date on the latest styles or influences in fashion. Second, a true trendy woman is able to add her own personal flair to all her outfits, while still maintaining that classic, traditional look. Still feeling stuck on where to start? Here are some essential items that can be found in your closet, and be transformed into an outfit that lives up to trendy standards!


50c079201855fd538857a4c54b3c9203                    andytorrestrenchcoat


Growing up, my mom would often leave for work in a Burberry trench coat, and I always thought it made her look great. Not just because it completed the outfit as a whole, but trench coats are a great closet essential for any trendy woman because they tend to flatter the body and create an hourglass-like figure, whether that is your body shape or not. Not sure what your body shape is? Click here to find out! First, enter your body measurements. (bust-waist-hips) The body shape calculator will then present your results, give you more information about your body shape, and advise you on what type of clothes are the most and least flattering for your shape! It’ll make shopping SO much easier — trust me! Don’t forget to style Burberry & other brands on StyleIt!


9a6bf630cfbbb96fa580c65dd412ba31        Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2015-Diego-Zuko-for-Harpers-Bazaar-8


 I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t own denim. It’s as common as a white t-shirt. Cropped denim is trending right now, because it serves virtually the same purpose as traditional denim, in the sense that it can be paired with a semi-formal date night outfit, or a casual “white t-shirt and blue jeans” outfit. Even if you don’t own cropped denim, you can create your own. Personally, I just roll up my denim jeans, and voila! – cropped denim. Jeans aren’t the only denim clothing that can be stylishly cropped: denim blouses and denim jackets are just a few others. The possibilities with denim are endless, just as they are on StyleIt!


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.56.19 PM                        15403564821_7f82e1209f_b


Boots come in all shapes and sizes: camarguaise boots (ankle boots), knee-high boots, and riding boots (over-the-knee). With so many choices, boots can fit any occasion: school, shopping, holiday parties, and dates. It’s usually worn for a more casual look, with just a hint of sophistication. Boots have saved me on many occasions, and I owe them big time. If I have no idea what’s going on with the rest of my outfit, I can always count on my boots as a trendy closet essential to enhance the entire outfit, whether I’m wearing a casual long-sleeve athletic shirt or a fancy silk blouse. It’s as if you actually put time and effort into dressing nicely for class that day after pulling an all-nighter.


 6bd2762eb49de3c0e720962fc9660b3c                                            efed8385cd951d7c9160a1ccfe570eb0


I won’t lie. Striped shirts have been my obsession for the past two years. It pairs perfectly with blazers, denim, and colored pants, but it also does just fine on its own. It’s also so versatile, for both casual and formal occasions. Striped shirts serve as the foundation on which the rest of the outfit can be built around and upon. Just a tip when shopping for striped shirts, once again, BE AWARE OF YOUR BODY SHAPE! It actually does matter if the shirt’s pattern has smaller stripes or larger stripes. It may be the difference between a flattering look, and a not-so-flattering one, so be informed! You can buy all the right clothes, but if you don’t find the right fit for YOUR body, it’s pointless.


ae3c2dbcff13a98e7f60dcccca3412c9      streetfsn by NamSource:

 Now that we’ve covered the essential items in every trendy woman’s closet, you can look into your own closet and see if you have any of these items. I guarantee you, adding one of these items to any outfit will make you feel instantly trendy! Blazers, pointed pumps, neck scarves, leather jackets, v-neck cashmere sweaters, and dainty jewelry are basic, trendy closet essentials that weren’t covered in this blog post, but you can definitely experiment with them in the StyleIt app!


Fashion travel diary: Tokyo


 There are so many exciting countries and cities to travel to, each with their own unique styles and outfits when it comes to fashion! One personal favorite city of mine with its spunky and colorful street fashion is Tokyo! A specific place I really want to focus on is Harajuku which is an area in Tokyo where many girls and guys express their style and fashion!

There are several Harajuku styles in Tokyo such as:

Lolita: Lolita clothing was based off of Victorian and Rococo era clothing. This type of clothing is cute yet at the same time very elegant, with intricate embroidery and designs on their dresses.


Decora: Decora style started in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s. This style has very colorful and outgoing clothing. Accessories are abundant in this style which include hair clips, Band-Aids, and stuffed animals! :)



These were just a few of the many fashion trends in Harajuku. I could probably dive deeper into the different categories of the Harajuku groups… maybe I’ll save that for another blog post later on if you are still interested.


These two girls are showing off the more gothic-styled Harajuku. The girl standing on the left has a cute pea coat with a pair of military styled boots! If you look closely, you can see that there are tiny leather bows attached onto the front of the boots. The girl on the right is rocking cool belted shoes and a jacket from NAOTAO.


Brothel Creepers also seem to be extremely popular in Tokyo’s street fashion. Not only do they look good, but they also give a little leverage for your feet and make you look taller! Now that’s what I call a two in one deal! I love how there are so many different styles in Tokyo, each person expressing themselves through their own style and fashion. From girly and kawaii to gothic and dark, Tokyo has it all!


If you are ever in San Francisco, you might be lucky enough to see several of these styles during their festivals! Which Harajuku style is your favorite so far?