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Yes it’s finally that time of the year again! Whether you’re graduating high school, college, or just attending a graduation, I’m here with some tips on what to wear! Graduation is a time of celebration and happiness. You’ve completed a part of your life and earned this day to be with the ones you love while looking fabulous! Not to mention, graduation is full of long periods of sitting and then lots of photos. So what should you wear under your graduation gown?

Try going for a cute light flowy dress, but remember it’s graduation so keep it a little conservative because you will be around family! This applies to if you are attending a graduation or if you’re on stage. Also keep in mind the length of your dress, it looks a little better if your dress is shorter than your graduation gown.

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This second tip is a definite must! Remember to wear comfortable shoes! This day is full of waiting around, taking pictures, and waiting for your name to be called when on stage. You want to be comfy and able to walk when your big moment comes to walk across that stage. Flats and sandals are totally acceptable! You don’t need to be in heels for graduation. But if you do want to opt for heels, try a pair of wedges.

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A statement necklace makes your outfit have that extra pop. Since graduation is more of a formal event, a statement necklace can really give you that chic touch to a simple dress. Or even try playing with some arm candy! Give that gown a little more bling-bling.


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Keep your makeup look natural, it’s not a night out with the girls. You’re going to be out with family and friends so make sure you keep it light and glowy. Especially if your graduation is outdoors you’re not going to want a full, heavy face of makeup that will make you feel like you’re melting!

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If your graduation is outside, don’t forget a pair of sunnies! This helps protect your eyes from the sun and also helps keep you looking super trendy.


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Great job ladies with all your hard work! Keep it up and we’re sure that great things are coming your way :) CONGRATS!


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What does it mean to be a “trendy” woman? First, it requires being up to date on the latest styles or influences in fashion. Second, a true trendy woman is able to add her own personal flair to all her outfits, while still maintaining that classic, traditional look. Still feeling stuck on where to start? Here are some essential items that can be found in your closet, and be transformed into an outfit that lives up to trendy standards!


50c079201855fd538857a4c54b3c9203                    andytorrestrenchcoat

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Growing up, my mom would often leave for work in a Burberry trench coat, and I always thought it made her look great. Not just because it completed the outfit as a whole, but trench coats are a great closet essential for any trendy woman because they tend to flatter the body and create an hourglass-like figure, whether that is your body shape or not. Not sure what your body shape is? Click here to find out! First, enter your body measurements. (bust-waist-hips) The body shape calculator will then present your results, give you more information about your body shape, and advise you on what type of clothes are the most and least flattering for your shape! It’ll make shopping SO much easier — trust me! Don’t forget to style Burberry & other brands on StyleIt!


9a6bf630cfbbb96fa580c65dd412ba31        Milan-Fashion-Week-Spring-2015-Diego-Zuko-for-Harpers-Bazaar-8

Source: Studded-hearts.com

 I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t own denim. It’s as common as a white t-shirt. Cropped denim is trending right now, because it serves virtually the same purpose as traditional denim, in the sense that it can be paired with a semi-formal date night outfit, or a casual “white t-shirt and blue jeans” outfit. Even if you don’t own cropped denim, you can create your own. Personally, I just roll up my denim jeans, and voila! – cropped denim. Jeans aren’t the only denim clothing that can be stylishly cropped: denim blouses and denim jackets are just a few others. The possibilities with denim are endless, just as they are on StyleIt!


Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.56.19 PM                        15403564821_7f82e1209f_b

Source: Extrapetite.com

Boots come in all shapes and sizes: camarguaise boots (ankle boots), knee-high boots, and riding boots (over-the-knee). With so many choices, boots can fit any occasion: school, shopping, holiday parties, and dates. It’s usually worn for a more casual look, with just a hint of sophistication. Boots have saved me on many occasions, and I owe them big time. If I have no idea what’s going on with the rest of my outfit, I can always count on my boots as a trendy closet essential to enhance the entire outfit, whether I’m wearing a casual long-sleeve athletic shirt or a fancy silk blouse. It’s as if you actually put time and effort into dressing nicely for class that day after pulling an all-nighter.


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I won’t lie. Striped shirts have been my obsession for the past two years. It pairs perfectly with blazers, denim, and colored pants, but it also does just fine on its own. It’s also so versatile, for both casual and formal occasions. Striped shirts serve as the foundation on which the rest of the outfit can be built around and upon. Just a tip when shopping for striped shirts, once again, BE AWARE OF YOUR BODY SHAPE! It actually does matter if the shirt’s pattern has smaller stripes or larger stripes. It may be the difference between a flattering look, and a not-so-flattering one, so be informed! You can buy all the right clothes, but if you don’t find the right fit for YOUR body, it’s pointless.


ae3c2dbcff13a98e7f60dcccca3412c9      streetfsn by NamSource: Pinterest.com

 Now that we’ve covered the essential items in every trendy woman’s closet, you can look into your own closet and see if you have any of these items. I guarantee you, adding one of these items to any outfit will make you feel instantly trendy! Blazers, pointed pumps, neck scarves, leather jackets, v-neck cashmere sweaters, and dainty jewelry are basic, trendy closet essentials that weren’t covered in this blog post, but you can definitely experiment with them in the StyleIt app!


Fashion travel diary: Tokyo


 There are so many exciting countries and cities to travel to, each with their own unique styles and outfits when it comes to fashion! One personal favorite city of mine with its spunky and colorful street fashion is Tokyo! A specific place I really want to focus on is Harajuku which is an area in Tokyo where many girls and guys express their style and fashion!

There are several Harajuku styles in Tokyo such as:

Lolita: Lolita clothing was based off of Victorian and Rococo era clothing. This type of clothing is cute yet at the same time very elegant, with intricate embroidery and designs on their dresses.

tumblr_n0iq7gi3k41s8mvi3o1_1280Source: justcauseband.com

Decora: Decora style started in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s. This style has very colorful and outgoing clothing. Accessories are abundant in this style which include hair clips, Band-Aids, and stuffed animals! :)


Source: Throughmulticoloredglasses.wordpress.com,  Tokyofashion.com

These were just a few of the many fashion trends in Harajuku. I could probably dive deeper into the different categories of the Harajuku groups… maybe I’ll save that for another blog post later on if you are still interested.

TK-2015-02-07-011-001-Harajuku-600x900Source: Tokyofashion.com 

These two girls are showing off the more gothic-styled Harajuku. The girl standing on the left has a cute pea coat with a pair of military styled boots! If you look closely, you can see that there are tiny leather bows attached onto the front of the boots. The girl on the right is rocking cool belted shoes and a jacket from NAOTAO.

TK-2012-11-03-011-001-HarajukuSource: Tokyofashion.com

Brothel Creepers also seem to be extremely popular in Tokyo’s street fashion. Not only do they look good, but they also give a little leverage for your feet and make you look taller! Now that’s what I call a two in one deal! I love how there are so many different styles in Tokyo, each person expressing themselves through their own style and fashion. From girly and kawaii to gothic and dark, Tokyo has it all!

Harajuku-Fashion-Walk-Documentary-2012-01-G0435-600x450Source: Tokyofashion.com

If you are ever in San Francisco, you might be lucky enough to see several of these styles during their festivals! Which Harajuku style is your favorite so far?




As it’s finally starting to warm up again, let’s take some time to appreciate the fact that the days are getting longer and flowers are blooming again. Spring is so great because you see everything come back to life. People are getting back into being active outside and not to mention that the spring fashion is back! Of course what would spring be without some florals?! Here are some of our favorite floral staples this spring!

ALSO, huge bonus is that all these items that are pictured can totally be found in the StyleIt app!! Shopping made easy. I know, I know so tempting… Time to add more spring items into my closet!


What would spring be without those lovely loose fitting floral dresses?! They are my favorite! It’s so comfy and seriously makes it look like you made an effort into picking and choosing your outfit. They give you shape in the right places and it’s so flattering on any body type.


 Michael Kors floral print cut out detail dress  (click to see in StyleIt)


Ah, I love experimenting with all different types of bags or purses. By adding prints to your everyday bag it will definitely spice up a plain outfit. A bag is an easy way to make a statement without having to think about anything since you’ll probably just grab it and go on with your day. (I’m definitely the type that’s too lazy to coordinate my bag with outfit.)


Rebecca Minkoff Marlowe Mini (click to see in StyleIt)


Similar to floral bags, floral shoes make a statement right down to the bottom of your feet. Also an easy way to make a plain outfit pop for the spring.


Schutz Panteria Heel (click to see in StyleIt)


Flowy and floral-y-two great combinations! I love the way flowy skirts add more movement into an outfit. Add a pair of heels or sneakers to dress this kind of skirt up or down!


Marc by Marc Jacobs Jerrie Cotton Poplin Skirt (click to see in StyleIt)


I’m pretty much loving everything floral right now. So why not have a floral top? I’m adoring the look of floral crop tops with high waisted denim! It’s so cute and totally appropriate for this weather that’s finally starting to warm up!


Ruby Tropical Print Deep Plunge Bandeau (click to see in StyleIt)


I HEART ROMPERS. I’m so lazy when it comes to choosing outfits and this is a simple way to just throw something on. When it’s a windy spring day and you don’t want a dress flying everywhere, you should totally go for wearing a playsuit! It stays put and it’s only one clothing piece you need to put on (aside from undergarments).


 Alexie Rose Print Capped Sleeve Playsuit (click to see in StyleIt)

Check out the “StyleIt Blog” in the app to find all these lovely pieces! There’s a ton more to choose from if you’re looking for something floral, but a little different than what I’m showing you here. Get your browse on!


What’s In Your Bag?


Bags are girl’s best friends! They are always with you wherever your go and hold all of your secret.  We asked our ambassadors what are the things they carry in their bag everyday to discover their secrets!

Ambassador Rebekah:

I never leave the house without a few essential items, and more often than not, they usually travel along in my chosen bag of the day. The frequent items you carry on a day-to-day basis say a lot about your personality and much about your life. Such like, making sure headphones are always available to you via your bag, might say you’re an avid music lover. While a makeup bag in a purse could dictate your love for cosmetics. Personally, I always make sure my bag has my favorite moisturizing lip balm. No one wants dry lips! In my bag, I always make sure to include my trendy wallet, a tin box of breath mints, a granola bar or some sort of food item, (you can never go wrong with food!), my favorite pair of sunglasses, a travel size scented hand lotion, and my daily agenda to keep track of tasks, notes, and priority deadlines.

Sin título-11

Ambassador Laurie:

Just by peeking at the contents of someone’s bag, you could probably develop a pretty good idea of her personality, her passions, and her lifestyle. Take a look at mine, and create an image for me. What do you think I’m interested in? What kind of person do you think I am? What are my passions?

My iPhone. I never leave the house without it. You can’t see it in the picture, but I simply adore my Little Mermaid iPhone case my cousin got me from Disneyland. (I am part mermaid & part fashionista after all!) Plus, how else am I supposed to stay in touch with friends on Facebook, snap artsy photos for Instagram, or use the StyleIt app?!

My Wallet. This is another one of my essentials. It’s a beige Marc Jacobs leather wallet my mother bought me in Hawaii. I feel absolutely amazing pulling this wallet out of my bag to spend money on clothes. It just screams elegance! Find other cute Marc Jacobs items on the StyleIt app!
My Car & House Keys. If I left the house without these, I don’t even know why I bothered to leave the house! I represent my college on my lanyard, and I always keep a photo of a loved one on my keys :)
My Sunglasses. Sunglasses? In San Francisco? You must think I’m crazy. But you never know when there are those sunny days you need extra protection for your eyes, or those days you see your crush walking around campus and you don’t want to look like you’re obviously staring at him.
My Journal/Calendar. With my classes, extracurriculars, two jobs, StyleIt, (and maybe a social life?) I’m a pretty busy person with a lot of tasks to complete during the week, and a lot of thoughts on my mind. My Kate Spade journal, that reads “With freedom, books, flowers, and the Moon, who could not be happy?” helps me get through the week by organizing my thoughts onto a sheet of paper so I don’t get overly anxious thinking about what’s coming next. I also just love reading that quote because it brightens up my day every time I’m about to write. I love keeping sentimental photos & items in there, just as motivational reminders.
A Book. You will never find me not reading a book. I typically love reading books about psychology, romance, mystery, young adult fiction, sci-fi, and of course, fashion. Currently I’m reading Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset, which describes the typical “Parisian woman” and typical “Parisian fashion.” I’d highly recommend it! It may give you some inspiration to create some #chic #sophisticated outfits on the StyleIt app!
A Snack. My all-time favorite snack has got to be Brookside dark chocolate covered acai & blueberries. I love nibbling on these at home, at work, or in class. Anywhere, really. I mean, dark chocolate and fruit, those are healthy right?!
Now, what did you think of me? I hope I wasn’t too lame or boring! I’d love to see what all you Fashionistas have in your bag! Search the hashtag #WhatsInYourBag on Instagram for some inspiration & create your own WIYB post! StyleIt would love to see what all you Fashionistas are all about!
DSC_0022 copia

Lets go to COACHELLA!


It’s that time of year again- COACHELLA! Were you the lucky ones and got your Coachella ticket? Are you getting your bags ready?  Don’t forget to look in the app  for some inspiration! Many users are creating outfits specially for #coachella! You can also plan in the app what outfits are you gonna wear each day of festival. Isn’t it great? I went ahead and picked some pieces that are perfect for Coachella! Just check us in the app  as StyleIt Blog!  So what are you wearing?




besthairSource: sincerelyjules.com

I’ve had so many different hair style/color changes in the recent months. I absolutely love trying new things with my hair! A new hair do can really give you a new appearance on your whole style you’re trying to achieve. Right now, I dared to go short. I used to have hair that went all the way to the bottom of my back and since then I’ve progressively cut it shorter and shorter. Six years ago, I told myself I would never EVER go short again because my hair stylist at the time totally did my hair cut wrong (haven’t we all had that stylist who doesn’t know what 3 inches means?!). But then, I found a great new stylist and trusted him with my hair. I was not disappointed! I’m totally in love with my new long bob. It feels like a new me, very refreshing to have something different.

So for those who are looking for something a little new to spice up their look without completely changing your hair color or cut, try out some of these hairstyles! It also won’t cost you an arm and a leg to obtain these looks. Maybe it’ll give you a little more drive to do something a little more drastic with your hair. I always say go for it, hair grows back!


It’s festival season, so of course why wouldn’t this hairstyle be in?! It’s a very dreamy look that looks like you put effort into your hair when you really didn’t put too much in. Super relaxed way to updress a hairstyle!


Source: harpersbazaar.com


Ladies with those beautiful long hair, rock those ponytails! This is one of the reasons I do miss my long hair…


Source: harpersbazaar.com


A classic way to maintain your hair in one place with a little spice to it. Great look when you add other materials to it – flowers or a bow would look great in a braid!


Source: harpersbazaar.com


That fresh out of the water – slicked back, shiny hair is really coming together! It’s a very chic and modern look to rock. Looks great with hair up or down!


Source: harpersbazaar.com


I like big buns and I cannot lie! But no really, buns are a great and easy way to put up your hair that you don’t really feel like dealing with.


Source: harpersbazaar.com


Get your rollers out for this look, ladies! Bombshell blowout are a super sexy look with full and voluminous hair.


Source: harpersbazaar.com




Date Night


We all look forward to date night. It is a chance for us to either meet someone new, continue an existing relationship with someone by going out for dinner, or even a night on the town. Nevertheless, it is also a way to show off your style with the perfect outfit. With date night comes a mixture of numerous feelings, excitement, anxiousness, concern, and a need of a personal stylist to help you pick the perfect outfit. Luckily, we’re here to help!


Shoes can be used as a huge fashion statement. Whether you want dress up your look, or dress it down, the right pair of shoes can make a serious impact on your final look.


Accessories are a girl’s best friend are they not? With so many choices to pick from, you can instantly complete your outfit with the perfect watch, a bold statement necklace, a fancy clutch, dazzling earrings, and last but not least, a gorgeous statement bracelet. Make sure to add a few accessories to your date night look, whether it be a purse, or even simple jewelry, accessories add an exciting edge to your outfit.


Makeup can be a huge factor in your overall look. You don’t want to overdo it with heavy makeup, yet sometimes, a bold smoky eye is what pairs the outfit completely! The saying a little goes a long way definitely applies in this scenario. Toning down on the eyes can lead to a bold and vibrant lip color! On the other hand, a nude lip can be easily paired with a smoky eye, and a winged eye lined look. Before deciding what makeup look to seek, make sure you have your outfit picked beforehand! This is essential in pairing everything to achieve a balanced, and complete date night outfit.


Here is where the decision process can become very tricky. So many factors trickle can into this decision. Weather, location, date, mood, and sometimes, even confidence. First determine the weather, will it be hot cold, or somewhere in between? You definitely need to be prepared for any weather extremes. Once you have this decided, focus next on what the occasion is. Perhaps cocktail night, club night, or even a nice dinner and a movie. Whatever it may be, make sure to pair your outfit accordingly. No one want to show up to a diner in high heels and a tight black club dress, or wear a tank top and cute high-waisted shorts when it’s rainy and cold!. Therefore evaluate and eliminate options!

The most important thing to remember on date night is to be yourself, and have fun!

Visit “StyleIt Blog” profile in the app to see more date night outfits!






Ah, I can almost smell the freedom of summer time. For some of you out there that means  hitting up the beach, Netflix, or going on vacations. But on the other hand, summer internships are a super popular and great way to add a little work experience to the resume. I think internships are great for the summer – you’re off from school (most of you) but, this way you get to still feel productive and meet new people. Every internship is different, so use your own personal discretion to decide what’s best for your workplace!

pencil skirtSource: hercampus.com

It’s tough to figure out outfits for an internship, we understand that you’re in a professional environment yet you want to show some of your own personal flare! So instead of going with a basic black pants, black blazer, and some neutral colored top – try adding some color to it! It will be the summer so color is a must! Pair your outfit with a pair of colored heels or flats. I love when an outfit pops out at you at the feet.

Skirts are a must. It’s summer, you don’t want to be sweating up a storm in the office. But, there is a fine line with skirts. Don’t forget you’re at work, not at the club. Pencil skirts are usually a go-to for office looks and why wouldn’t it be?! It’s very professional and gives you a little more shape around the body. If you’re not into the whole pencil skirt tightness (which I know I get all nervous about) try circle or A line midi skirts! Here you can play your skirts with some color, but a toned down color. Like a subtle pink skirt with maybe a white top.

image1xlSource: asos.com

Of course you must have plenty of button ups for a professional setting, so try and stock up on those! Other kinds of tops that are good would be something with a high neckline or a collar. Also, keep a pair of good fitted work pants on you. Something that flatters your body time, but doesn’t wash it out. What I really like, that can keep you looking professional and chic, is a pair of harem pants. Pair these with some heels, a nice top, and a statement necklace and you’ll look rockin’ at this internship.

connnietang-Connie-Tang-fashion-blog-style-blogger-boxy-tee-blush-boutique-miami-black-harem-pants-debs-shop-gold-tassel-necklace-bangled-jcrew-benevolent-jewels-thesis-of-alexandria-mia-stella-pave-cuff-cheville-studded-clutch-mimi-boutique-valSource: connietang.com

So here’s an outfit inspiration that the app helped me create! Try styling some of your own in the app to get some new ideas and show us what you got. And man, it’s so handy that the app already has a ‘work’ tab for when when you want to create an outfit, so no excuses ladies! Check out the ‘StyleIt blog’ in the app where we’ll post items you can get through the app! Everything made easy for all of our lovely followers out there.


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Minimalism is the new in trend these days! Have you noticed the lack of color lately in outfits? People have been rocking this look left and right. Although, I do my love of pop of color (especially for the spring time) I’m also a huge fan of minimalism. It makes things so simple yet chic. Minimalism is basically an outfit that plays mostly on neutral colors. This may sound boring to some of you extravagant dressers out there, but trust me with the right pieces you can really make a statement with a simple idea.

imageSource: refinery29.com

When playing with neutral colors you have to be fairly particular with the pieces you choose. I think it’s a balance between an edgy and sophisticated look to really pull it off. You really don’t want to look like a giant blob of black. You want to have pieces that sculpt the body and enhance your style in a way that’s simple. Minimalism is basically styling different shades of a neutral color, like shades of black, white, gray, brown… etc! What really spices up a minimal outfit is the textures you use and how you use each shade in part of the outfit in different ways.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.11.49 PMSource: pinterest.com

Lately, I’ve noticed the infamous Kim Kardashian loving the new minimalist lifestyle. Ever since Kim married Kanye West, it seems her fashion game has definitely stepped up. I don’t follow the Kardashian drama at all, but I have been noticing Kim’s new style. I am actually loving her new platinum hair too. When I heard about her new hair color change I thought, “oh it’ll probably look so weird on her skin tone” but was I wrong! It’s very high fashion of her (UPDATE: KIM K IS BACK TO BLACK HAIR). Kim’s really killing it in the fashion world, plus Kanye’s got his new fashion line that premiered at NYFW. She really knows how to work black and white pieces to their fullest. Notice the way she uses different textures and shades to make the outfit not seem so bland.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.11.59 PM
Source: popsugar.com

If you’re new the the minimalist lifestyle, try experimenting with it in the StyleIt app! I’m sure you can come up with some great ideas on there and it’ll be sure to help suggest things to you too. All my outfits on my page are very black and white oriented….didn’t even mean to do that on purpose! Show us what you got fellow fashionistas!